We always put safety first

Inloco has been designed to keep families and childcarers safe. We’re a community that cooperates to create a safer environment for all.

Safety first

Safety and trust are at the heart of Inloco communities and the safety of children and childcarers is of utmost importance to us. It’s essential that families and carers know how Inloco works to protect them, we are a community that connects families and childcarers, not an agency.

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Only people you trust

We built Inloco to work differently to an agency or childcare directory service. As parents we prefer to ask friends and the childcarers we already know and trust for recommendations. This is how Inloco works, and we believe that by helping you connect with the friends, families and childcarers of your choice you’ll be able to build a wider, stronger and more dependable community of childcare support.

Every connection rated

Inloco connects busy families with a circle of trusted friends and childcarers and puts parents in control, giving families choices and childcare options. Ratings, reviews, recommendations and mutual connections are available to help parents find the right childcarers to support their family. Inloco doesn’t conduct any vetting, checks or interviews so parents should always conduct the necessary checks to ensure they are 100% happy with their chosen childcarer.

Tips to build a trusted childcare circle

Build your circle​

Leave your own reviews and ratings

Build up trusted relationships by sharing your experiences with others.

Ask friends and family

Find out who your friends and family use for childcare, and who they recommend.

Check reviews and recommendations

Fill your Inloco circle with people you trust, and who come highly rated by the people you know best.

Ask your usual childcarers

Have they joined us yet? And do they recommend anyone if they’re not available?

Give childcarers what they need to know

When your booking begins, make sure you leave your contact and emergency numbers, as well as information about children’s health, medication and allergies.

Inloco Community Guidelines

We want to make life easier and help every Inloco member thrive. We connect people and communities, building circles of trusted childcare support to meet every family’s needs. By joining Inloco you agree to help us foster this community and follow these simple guidelines which will help us build a safe, cooperative place for families, friends and childcarers to come together and support each other:

Actively support each other

Connect with the people you trust, build relationships and actively help build a local, shared childcare community that everyone can benefit from.

Be honest, open and upfront

Always be truthful, genuine, and upfront about yourself and your expectations regarding childcare.

Treat everyone with respect

Be respectful at all times and stick to your word. Respect each other’s privacy and differences.

Communicate clearly

Always be clear when communicating, and if plans need to change give as much notice as you possibly can.

Safety first

Do everything you can to ensure everyone is kept safe, always share important health or contact information and conduct checks yourself if you are using a new childcarer.