Top tips: How to grow a trusted childcare circle on Inloco

Here are a few tips to help you grow your local childcare network, and make Inloco really work for you. 

Firstly, add the schools, nurseries or clubs you’re connected with to your profile – then you can simply search for people with shared schools to find new families and childcarers with schools or clubs in common.  

Secondly, fill your Inloco circle with people you trust, and who come highly rated by the people you know best. Invite them to connect in a click, and once you’re connected you can find mutual connections these are the people your friends are connected to. It’s a great way to meet new families and childcarers trusted by the people you already know. 

Finally, if the friends you’d love to connect with on Inloco aren’t yet members, it’s easy to invite them to join – simply go to Share Inloco and choose how you want to invite them. Easy.

With Inloco you’re in complete control – finding a local, trusted childcarer recommended and rated by your friends has never been easier.