The future is bright: How to get more flexible nannying and babysitting jobs through Inloco

Childcarers have been impacted so much over the last two years, leaving many out of work. Families have needed to adapt and new ways of working have allowed for greater flexibility in schedules. After 18 months of homeschooling, erratic hours, and very little down time, parents are telling us they are in desperate need for a real ‘new norm’. 

This new norm includes a shift in the type of help families are looking for – predominantly after school care. According to the Office of National Statistics, there has been a 169% increase in time spent on developmental childcare e.g. helping with homework – increasing from 24 mins to 64 minutes per day on average. Carers who can show their experience in supporting with developmental care are in high demand. 

If you’re looking to get more flexible childcare jobs and can offer families a range of childcare then use Inloco.

To build a stronger community to get more work, simply follow these steps:

1. Create an Inloco childcare circle

Inloco is all about trusted relationships so ask your friends and the families you work for to join you on Inloco. Adding people you know allows you to see each other’s connections so you can find more local families to connect with.

2. Get reviewed and recommended

Reviews are given after each booking, so by completing bookings on Inloco and asking for a review you’ll boost your profile. Next time one of your regular families asks you to babysit ask if they’d be happy to book you on Inloco – it’ won’t cost them a penny and it’ll help you get 5* rated, and more work in the future.

Inloco is built on trust so if you haven’t got any reviews yet you need to let families know who recommends you. Sitters with reviews and recommendations get more bookings, so why not seize the day and ask a family to give your a recommendation.

3. Tell us if you’re actively looking for work

We’d love to introduce you to local families and to tell them a bit more about you, and when you’re available. Let us know you’re available here and we’ll promote you to the Inloco community and across our social networks.

4. Follow us for the latest and greatest

To keep up with all things Inloco and to be the first to hear from local families when they are looking for childcare follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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