Lockdown half term: Inspiration to help you get through

It might not be the half term we had imagined a few months ago, but we are looking forward to a break in the routine. Here’s a roundup of some ideas to help make this lockdown half term week a little easier. And remember, if you need to work then you are allowed to get temporary childcare – for many this will be essential. Lots of lovely local childcares are available to help at short notice, simply login to Inloco and create a request. If you’re new to Inloco sign up here and start building your own childcare circle. You connect with the people you trust, you’re in control.

Get Creative

  1. Fancy a family bake off?  It’s likely to be messy but very rewarding. You could even share the goodies with your neighbours.
  2. Cook online with a friend or relative – we tried this at the weekend and it worked brilliantly, two cousins spent two and a half hours together baking cinnamon rolls in sync, chatting and even washing up together! It was such a memorable activity to do together, and felt like the closest we’ve got to a playdate for months.
  3. Throw a pancake party on 16th February – as if we ever need an excuse to eat pancakes! Get crafty with fruit and make funny faces.
  4. Release the inner artist! Create large scale art either with paper, huge canvases, or using chalk on the drive – no rules, just creativity. Take a look at @background_bob for inspiration and tips for painting onto cardboard or the Artful parent.
  5. Get gardening – children can take responsibility for their own seeds and enjoy the rewards for weeks to come. There are some super cute kits out there – we love @Augusts_garden Seed Explorers kit, it’s a lovely way to get even the littlest gardeners engaged. February is the perfect time to start sewing some early seeds indoors; like tomatoes, cucumbers, basil or sweet pepper. Or for truly beautiful flowers later this year – now’s the time to sew cosmos, salvia and sweet peas indoors.


Head out and about

  1. Get out for a walk and why not bring a scavenger hunt to keep those younger legs motivated.
  2. Discover something new about where you live – Treasure trails have amazing booklets with clues for the whole family to follow or wrap up and head out for a local walk you’ve not been on before.
  3. Plan some early evening adventures – wrap up warm, pack a flask of hot chocolate and head out to look at the stars. Skymaps have great info to help identify the constellations or download a stargazing app.
  4. Let’s all ride a bike – get on two wheels and explore the local area. For the more adventurous, check out these fun bike tricks.
  5. Give geocaching a go – Ever wanted to try this? It’s a GPS-based treasure hunt, simply register here, pop in your location and see what’s nearby to discover.


Guilt free online inspiration

Screen time is a saviour in our house at the moment and will be essential for many this week as we try and juggle work. We’ve found some cool programmes and YouTube channels that kids can explore and learn a little too. If you can recommend other fun websites and apps please share them in the comments section below to help other Inloco families …

Something for all ages:

  1. Maddie and Greg are brilliant! They broadcast live half-hour shows packed with fun, facts and family activities – a huge hit in our house, or watch on youtube.
  2. Mentalup is a cool site which includes 20 minute brain boosters plus fun games and brain teasers, there is something for younger and older kids to enjoy, check it out here.
  3. BBC Bitesize games are super for kids of primary school age, taking them on fun adventures with English, Science, History, Geography and Maths.
  4. BBC games are also great fun – find them here.
  5. We love Sir David Attenborough and here you can binge watch his collection on the BBC – yay!

For older children:

  1. Earth school from TedED is really cool – you embark on 30 adventures, or Quests, that will help you understand and celebrate our natural world, while learning about how dependent we are on our planet
  2. Learn Chess with ChessKid.com this half term – it’s a fun way for kids to learn and they can play against their friends online, we’re also learning too!
  3. Build with Minecraft  if it’s not yet been discovered in your family Minecraft is a classic and great way for kids to use their imagination (it’s like lego but on the computer). You can set them up in creative world and let them build with their friends with a unique link for privacy.
  4. Explore some of life’s big questions together  Soul pancake celebrates humanity and champions creativity in a fun way for kids.
  5. Learn to code  Boxisland is an award winning cool app that helps kids learn how to code by taking them on fun adventures.
  6. It’s OK to be smart  is a great collection of videos that helps answer the tricky science questions that young minds have like “How do igloos keep you warm”.
  7. Create a storybook Mystorybook is something completely different for the kids to get into, let them go wild designing and writing their own stories.
  8. Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful game where kids can connect with friends and family and fly through different worlds solving puzzles and going on adventures.
  9. Virtual UNO, finally did you know you can play UNO online?! It’s a lovely way for kids to play something different together.

If you are new to Inloco find out more here, we’re a new childcare community, set up by two mums who believe there’s a better way to arrange flexible childcare. Inloco lets you connect with local families, friends and childcarers so you can build your own trusted circle – and get the help you need, whenever you need it. Whatever you get up to we hope you are able to enjoy the week, and if you need childcare help remember temporary nannies are allowed at the moment. Use Inloco to connect with your friends and the childcarers you trust – hopefully we can help you find the right person to support your family.