How to book one-off childcare on Inloco

Childcarer with child on bike

Whether you need childcare to get to that meeting or to finally make date night happen, Inloco can help. You only connect and book with the people you trust, you’re in complete control.

Here’s how to book one-off childcare on Inloco – it’s super simple.

  1. Post the time, place and any other details to chosen members of your circle to see who can help.
  2. Once you’ve received all the offers, book the childcarer that suits you best.
  3. Messaging, time logging and payment can all be managed through Inloco, too.


Inloco connects busy families with a circle of trusted friends and childcarers. It’s a better way to build wider, stronger and more dependable communities of support. Communities where you stay in control of who you’re connected with. A simple platform for finding, booking and paying for childcare. And for carers, it’s a brilliant way to manage your work, whether you’re full-time or just want to earn some extra money.

Ratings, reviews, recommendations and mutual connections are available to help parents find the right childcarers to support their family. Inloco doesn’t conduct any vetting, checks or interviews so parents should always conduct the necessary checks to ensure they are 100% happy with their chosen childcarer.