It’s a family affair: connecting childcare circles to help families thrive

Flexible childcare UK

It’s now just over a year since Inloco launched and we’ve been learning what’s working well and what we need to improve so Inloco can help more families find the childcare they need to thrive. Launching a start-up in the pandemic, whilst homeschooling our children was far from easy. As two busy mums in our forties we’ve experienced first hand how tough it can be to find the right childcare support, and we’re more committed than ever to helping solve the UK childcare crisis.

The situation in the UK is stark and concerning and it’s impacting women disproportionately. “Many parents make changes to their work to help balance work and family life. Almost 3 in 10 working mothers said they had reduced their hours to help with childcare, compared with 1 in 20 fathers.” said Tim Vizard, Office for National Statistics.

According to the UK Government Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents in England, 2018, over two in five (44%) of working mothers said that having reliable childcare helped them to go out to work. Women’s career growth is often stifled too with an inadequate childcare system contributing to the issue – in the UK we currently have just 8 female CEOs in the FTSE 100 vs 94 men.

Another recent article from the Independent claims “45% of mothers are currently working below their pay grade” to cope with a childcare system that is inflexible. Existing childcare solutions are inadequate, costly and are not designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of parents today (according to The Trade Union Congress costs have risen four times more than wages since 2008). 

Post Covid employers are better supporting families to work flexibly. Activists such as Anna Whitehouse and Flexible Working People’s Katy Fridman are starting to be heard, and men need support in this too. We believe flexible childcare is a fundamental part of the solution.

Inloco was born after having our own children – we quickly realised how tough it is to find the right support. Juggling work and home life, looking after our ageing parents, trying to progress our careers. It felt like there was no easy way to find people we trusted to help with the kids. We couldn’t afford the luxury of a full time nanny and we didn’t want to compromise anymore on our own success at work either. We also wanted to create an easy-to-use solution that worked for all parents so our partners could book childcare and share the load.

Inloco is a new innovative way for families to find, book and pay for flexible trusted childcare, when they need it. Inloco connects families with a circle of trusted friends and childcarers. A unique community based solution which provides a low cost way for members to build their own strong, dependable networks of childcare support. Connections, reviews and recommendations create a foundation for trust and members always stay in control of who’s in their network.  

For carers, it’s a brilliant way to manage their work, whether they are full-time or just want to earn some extra money. 

It needs to be a family affair! With Inloco we want to make life easier for busy families by bringing communities together to help each other.

So if you know a family that would benefit from joining our growing community, or a carer looking for flexible additional hours please share Inloco. If you’re already a member of Inloco please invite your friends and the childcarers you know and trust to join you too – so together we can help more families thrive.