Growing your childcare circle: Tips for childcarers

It’s a tough time for us all right now as we juggle the challenges thrown our way each week. And, we fully understand how tricky it can be getting regular work with families cutting back due to home-working, illness, isolating and staying home.

We set up Inloco to help make life easier for busy families and childcarers and we want to do everything we can to help. If you’re looking to get more flexible childcare jobs here’s how Inloco can help:

     1. Create an Inloco childcare circle

Inloco is all about trusted relationships so ask your friends and the families you work for to join you on Inloco. Adding people you know allows you to see each other’s connections so you can find more local families to connect with.

     2. Get reviewed and recommended

Reviews are given after each booking, so by completing bookings on Inloco and asking for a review you’ll boost your profile. Next time one of your regular families asks you to babysit ask if they’d be happy to book you on Inloco – it’ won’t cost them a penny and it’ll help you get 5* rated, and more work in the future.

     3. Tell us if you’re actively looking for work

We’d love to send an email out to local families to introduce you and to tell them a bit more about you, and when you’re available. Just get in touch on

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